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Stephen Rock

Seattle, WA | New Media Painting

3_to drift like atoms.jpg
8_the exuberance of spring.jpg
2_you could feel the earth pull.jpg

"If visions were elephants" | Mar. 07 – 31, 2024

"As I walk my path through life, I am reminded to touch the earth, to seek the beauty…

to be amazed.” - Stephen Rock

Planet Earth is a magnificent balance of chaos and beauty. My latest body of work explores this contrast of energies between the untamed spirit of being and our desire to find harmony amidst the clamor of humanity. To be conscious in the 21st century is to be constantly bombarded with media as though silence is a primitive state of being and noise is a comfort on the islands of isolation our lives are becoming. Virtual meetings replace live interaction, 30-second videos fill the voids of societal needs to connect, and prompts, passwords, and PINs drive daily interactions.

along his journey, a traveler came across an old man,

“wise sage, what is the secret to living?”

without looking up, he replied...

"oh look, a flower..."

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