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David Castillo

New York City, NY | Photography


"NYC Subway Noir" | Nov. 14 – Dec. 23, 2023

"It's all about the moments, the light, and the sauce.” - David Castillo

Castillo’s work embodies the transformative power of art and its ability to heal the human condition. These photographs capture Castillo’s journey of emotional and psychological growth. Through his art, Castillo sheds light on the paradoxical nature of public spaces, revealing them as isolating and individualistic rather than truly shared. His work invites viewers to pause and recognize the everyday human experiences that unfold just a few feet away. These unspoken connections remind us that we are not solitary individuals but a community bound by shared experiences. Castillo further explores his subject matter and context through a purposeful choice of mediums: black and white photos printed on metal. These mediums serve as an extension of how environments impact the psyche. The works’ are produced in a 24” x 24” format, representing both the confinement of space and the pursuit of personal confinement within public spaces. The printing process creates a surface that reflects the observer in an obscured manner. This enigmatic reflection suggests one’s mental state within these settings, potentially allowing the viewer to see themselves in the subject. The hazy and warped impressions left by the material also speak to the reflective nature of subway windows, never revealing one’s true mirrored self and the tactile construction of subway cars. Castillo’s choice of materials and application reinforce his overall personal commentary of the world being perceived through the lens of black and white. The grey areas are where we will find our common humanity and compassion.

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