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Moses Sun

Seattle, WA | New Media, Multimedia


"Fever Dream" Jul. 25 – 28, 2024

My work expresses blackness across multiple media platforms, laying bare my personal history and humanity. I make drawings on paper and iPad, digital and analog photographs, sculptures, and installations, then sample them and, in the hip-hop ethos of "grinding," output them as relief sculptures, digital prints, video animations, games, and social media apps. I work intuitively, letting go of pretense so that the story reveals an entry point, a beginning, but never an end to the viewer.

I have turned my back on the worst parts of the European diaspora that colonized my mind, life, and art. I turn to African, Black, Latino, and Asian diasporas that have accepted me whole and given me strength when Whiteness has taken what it pleases, disposing of what it deemed too much and too loud. - Moses Sun

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