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Present and accounted for, 72 x 84 x 2, 2023 mixed media on canvas.jpeg
While we wait for life, life passes, 72 x 84 x 2, 2023 mixed media on canvas.jpeg
Blushing is the color of vitue, 84 x 72 x 2, 2023 mixed media on canvas.jpeg
Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 4.29.07 PM.png

Alan Fulle

Seattle, Washington

Painting | Sculpture | Filmmaker

"Spiritual Maximalism" 
(May 2024 - 2025)

I knew if I was going to die from the disease and cancer I developed, I would make a series of work that was bold and dynamic. I began this series of 10 new paintings with a six-zone grid. I then made playful shapes and innovative compositions within each zone. The zones reflected Politics, Religion, Power, Weakness, Impermanence, and Growth. I then added Mood with layers of water-based clears, almost sublimating the surface. The shapes were colored with oil paint and oil Polyurethanes.

The drawings and cosmic shapes danced with energetic color.  This wasn’t a body of work that celebrated or dwelled in death but rather explained life and celebrated living and the joy of life through the lens of creativity

​ – Alan Fulle

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