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Xin Xin

Seattle, WA | Watercolor, Installation

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"I'll Take Care of You; Let's Take A Walk
Jul. 02 – 28, 2024

I strive to care for my viewers in the gallery by providing a nurturing environment through tea ceremonies, live painting sessions, and meditation." – Xin Xin

"Take A Walk" is an immersive art installation that invites participants to enter a world of tranquility and reflection.  Through a combination of light, sound, and interactive elements, the installation creates an environment where visitors can escape the busyness of everyday life and find a moment of stillness.  Drawing inspiration from the natural landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, "Take A Walk" by artist Xin Xin encourages viewers to pause, breathe, and appreciate the beauty of the present moment.  

"Reflecting on my role as a caregiver for my mom and grandparents, walking symbolizes care and connection. We adjust our pace to match the person we care for, ensuring their safety and stability. This exhibition aims to recreate a nature walk experience in a gallery setting. As visitors walk through, they are encouraged to reminisce about walks taken with loved ones and the conversations, observations, and memories shared.

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