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Phillip Hua

San Francisco, CA | New Media Artist

Peak Production - 40x32 - uv cured acrylic print and gold metal leaf on acrylic (1).jpg
Tuft Trade - 30x48 - uv cured acrylic print and gold metal leaf on acrylic_.jpg

"All that Glitters" | Oct. 05 - 28, 20233 

My work deals with issues involving the environment. Phillip Hua

Hua’s artwork resides at the intersection of analog and digital, an ongoing personal exploration of balancing new with traditional artistic techniques. An established fine artist from San Francisco, CA, Hua has witnessed tech’s cultural and societal impact on the art landscape. Influenced by this cultural shift, his work has evolved to reflect a balance of traditional application modes integrating digital advancements, which results in a captivating new visual language for audiences to discover. Hua’s successful integration of processes, accompanied by his contextual philosophy, asks its viewers to reflect on societal ethics and examine our priorities when deciding the value of nature versus profit. His work reflects the prevailing trend to sell off and transform urban green spaces, often at the expense of the public's access to nature, replacing it with enclosed private ecosystems. Hua’s new media mono-types integrate Chinese watercolor techniques, painting, digital composites, and hand-applied gold leaf. His meticulous choice of materials, applied technical tools, and overall application capture his overarching contemplations.

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