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Untitled 840 Freeway Series 05 Supergirl Surf.jpg
Untitled 858 Freeway Series 09 Neon Fairey Wallpaper.jpg

Lordy Rodriguez

Hayward, California

Cartography | Pen & Ink

"Free Way" 
(Apr. 0– 27, 2024)

Utilizing the map as a framework to experiment with unorthodox combinations of familiar visual languages from various sources, including advertising, reality TV, fashion, gift-wrapping, and signature images associated with celebrity artists, while more recent work has explored political and environmental issues. Through humor, craft, and adept analysis of contemporary culture, Rodriguez shrewdly subverts the fundamental purpose of design – to create something most beautifully and functionally – and the fundamental purpose of maps – to locate and transport ourselves in the world.

"My work explores the human urge to locate/define oneself by charting the environment in precise detail.” - Lordy Rodrigues

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